The world's first ultra-high power UVC disinfection product launched

 Date:2021-02-06 13:56:05

Recently, Jiangsu Hechuang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. launched “K-nock” ultra-high power UVC-LED disinfection product. Once the product was launched, it created a significant stir in the industry. The maximum power of the UVC semiconductor module used in the product reaches 450 MW/cm2 in a specific wave band (260~278nm), which has not only broken the world record, but also far surpassed other products with similar function.

UVC is an ultraviolet wave band that can kill bacteria and viruses directly. It can destroy the DNA and RNA of almost all pathogenic microorganisms, and has the characteristics of high efficiency and broad spectrum. Ultraviolet rays are very common. They are rays with wavelengths of 10nm to 400nm in sunlight and can be divided into UVA, UVB and UVC according to wave band. Because UVC (wavelength between 200nm and 275 nm) can be absorbed by nucleic acids (substances that affect the reproduction and remains of bacteria and viruses) easily, it can be used to destroy chemical bonds in nucleic acid molecules, cause the decomposition and denaturation of nucleoproteins or nucleic acids, impede the synthesis of protein and enzymes in bacteria, and finally kill bacteria and viruses. 

Due to technical bottlenecks in luminous efficiency, epitaxial materials, chip packaging, chip power drive and heat dissipation technology, it is difficult for optical semiconductor modules to give off ultraviolet rays within the best wave band (wavelength between 260nm and278nm) for killing bacteria and viruses while ensuring high power output. At present, the ultraviolet rays gave off by optical semiconductor modules available in the market have a wide range of wavelengths, so it is difficult for these ultraviolet rays to remain within the best wave band for killing bacteria and viruses. In addition, these modules are mostly low-power ones whose power is at the μw level. Basically, the highest power of optical semiconductor modules being researched in the laboratory is generally about 100mw/cm2.


Comparison between Hechuang’s Chip and Competitors’ Chip in terms of Technical Parameters 

According to the Diagnosis and Treatment Scheme of Pneumonia Infected by Covid-19 Virus (Trial Eighth Edition), Covid-19 virus is sensitive to ultraviolet rays. The research by the Center for Health Evaluation and Research of the Food and Drug Administration of the United States shows that ultraviolet rays with wavelength of 254nm and radiation intensity of 4016 UW/cm2 can kill 99.99% of SARS Viruses after 6 minutes of irradiation. UVC has high sterilization and disinfection efficiency and the highest broad spectrum of sterilization and disinfection, and it causes no secondary pollution.

Hechuang's UVC disinfection productsOther ultraviolet LED disinfection products in the market
Traditional mercury lamp
Solvent disinfectant
No toxicity, no mercury, no ozone and no secondary pollution
Bacteria can not be completely killed

Mercury is toxic and destroys ecology

Ultra-low wave band, producing ozone

The pungent smell is toxic and produces secondary pollution

Independently developed optical semiconductor chips

Ultra high power (200 ~ 450 MW/cm2)

Low power (< 60mw/cm²)----
Accurate wavelength (260~278nm)No effective disinfection wavelength (≥280nm)

Kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses

Can be applied to industrial field

Incomplete disinfection (2 ~ 55 MW/cm2)

Cannot be applied to the industrial field

Low sterilization and disinfection efficiency (> 30min)

Incomplete disinfection

Disinfection of no enduring effect

Certified by CE and FDALow-quality LED purchased from other companies

Inconvenient installation due to large size

Fragile tube causing mercury leakage

Time-consuming, laborious and costly

Inefficient and costly disinfection

Service life over 10000h--Service life of about 1000h--

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Jiangsu Hechuang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has worked with Jiangsu Gulide Precision Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. to develop a variety of ultra-high power UVC disinfection products whose optical semiconductor modules generate the power of 200 ~ 450 MW/cm2 thanks to its considerable strength of the R&D of optical semiconductors, modern epidemic prevention science, medicine and photodynamic, Hechuang has developed multiple UVC intelligent disinfection products with high efficiency, high intensity and long life to give off ultraviolet rays on object surface, air flow and water flow. These products have passed the authoritative test by the team of Academician Zhong Nanshan of Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health. These UVC disinfection products can kill 100% of the pathogens of colon bacillus, Staphylococcus aureus, influenza virus and coronavirus after a specified time of irradiation to build an effective barrier to viruses for human beings.

Low-power UVC is mainly used in surface sterilization in the general consumer market because of its low power. While in the industrial field that requires high optical power, the mercury lamp is still the main product for sterilization. The super high-power UVC products developed by Hechuang can be widely used in industrial fields for sterilization and disinfection. It is believed that in the near future, UVC will replace the mercury lamp for sterilization and disinfection and even create its own new application field.

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