Covid-19 pandemic heightens as winter comes; Covid-19 virus barrier equipment is essential

 Date:2020-12-30 13:33:23


The fight against Covid-19 pandemic is facing new challenges as multiple Covid-19 virus variants have appeared across the world.

From December 14 to 26

Another 13 people were infected with Covid-19 virus in Beijing, including 3 in Chaoyang District, 1 in Xicheng District and 9 in Shunyi District.

December 28

A batch of accessories and raw materials testing positive for Covid-19 virus were found in a Mercedes-Benz workshop in Shunyi District, Beijing.

December 28

British scientists discovered a Covid-19 virus variant called B.1.1.7

December 27 to 28

Following the discovery of the more infectious Covid-19 virus variant in Britain, patients infected with such variant were found in various places.

Five patients infected with the variant were found in Japan, and the entry of new tourists from all over the world into Japan was suspended.

Two patients infected with the variant were found in Italy and the related areas have been locked down.

Four patients infected with the variant were found in Spain, and none of them were severe patients.

A traveler from England was diagnosed in Sweden.

In the past 14 days, nearly 20 countries including Denmark, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Netherlands, Australia, Israel, Singapore, France, Switzerland, Lebanon, Ireland, Jordan, Norway and South Korea have found confirmed cases of the variant.Up to now, there are still variations with unknown sources in several countries.

Knowledge about Covid-19 virus variants

Is the variant called “B.1.1.7” a new variety of super virus?

No, it's just one of the many variants spreading all over the world.

According to “Science”, the Covid-19 virus will mutate when it replicates. When researchers observed the genome of the B.1.1.7 variant, they were shocked by the large number of mutations at 17 sites of the genome. Because of these mutations, its transmission capacity is about 70% higher than that of the original virus, and more than 60% of the recent COVID-19 infections in London are caused by mutant viruses. Neil Ferguson, an epidemiologist at Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine in London, estimated that the transmission rate of this variant increased by 50% to 70% compared with other variants in Britain.


Diagram of B.1.1.7 Covid-19 virus variant (Source: The New York Times)

Is it more infectious than other variants?

BBC reported that the variant was first discovered in September this year. By November, 

about a quarter of COVID-19 infections in London had been caused by the variant, and by mid-December, 

the proportion of infections caused by the variant had reached nearly 2/3.

Miguel Cevik, an infectious disease expert at School of Medicine of St Andrews University, said on Twitter that: "As far as we know, keeping social distance, wearing masks and washing hands frequently are still effective at preventing mutated viruses." It is worth mentioning that many people believe that viruses tend to become more infectious and less toxic, which is actually wrong. Generally speaking, viruses tend to become more infectious and less toxic, but this will not happen if we do not take effective pandemic prevention measures, which is equivalent to a natural evolution based on human selection.


The mutation of spike protein in Covid-19 virus has attracted scientists' attention. Photo from Getty

Overseas infected patients enter China by public transportation systems (airplanes, high-speed trains, buses, subways), and spread the virus rapidly at crowded places such as hotels, supermarkets and restaurants. Overseas goods with Covid-19 virus on their surfaces enter China through cross-border logistics channels (ports, logistics sorting stations, cargo airplanes, cargo ships, trucks, cold chain transportation, warehousing), cause large-scale spread of the virus and widespread covid-19 pandemic in multiple places, which leads to the rapid increase of pandemic prevention cost (the nucleic acid test for all the people of a city with a population of 10 million costs about CNY 1.2 billion), panic among the entire population, and a great impact on people’s life and city safety.

Pandemic prevention plan

At present, traditional disinfectants takes too much time and effort for disinfection and epidemic prevention in cities, and cannot completely eliminate Covid-19 viruses. The Covid-19 pandemic barrier equipment developed by Hechuang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. uses ultraviolet rays with wavelength of 240-280nm to destroy the DNA/RNA of bacteria and viruses, causing their death. The equipment is safer and more efficient, and thus is a more comprehensive and professional solution to eliminating Covid-19 viruses.


Thanks to the core technology of UVC optical semiconductor often used in aerospace industry, Hechuang’s pandemic prevention equipment has super-high power and the ultraviolet rays it gives off are of precise wavelength for long-distance irradiation.

 Tested and certified by Zhong Nanshan’s team, Hechuang’s pandemic prevention equipment can kill bacteria and viruses almost instantly including influenza virus, COVID-19 virus, Ebola virus, SARS virus, MERS virus and many other viruses, and colon bacillus, Staphylococcus aureus, Helicobacter pylori and many other bacteria, and Aspergillus flavus, green spores and other harmful molds and mites. 

UVC aerosol disinfector



(an intelligent bio-sensing equipment)


hand-held disinfector


portable disinfector


wall-mounted disinfector


UVC integrated water purification and disinfection machine


Mini disinfector


UVC embedded disinfection module


Hechuan’s "Covid-19 Virus Barrier Series" equipment can be widely used in public transportation, logistics and transportation, hospitals, schools, hotels, supermarkets, food processing industries, catering industries, enterprises, families and other places, and can provide complete and personalized products and solutions to meet users’ different needs. In the future, Hechuan will make constant technological innovation and build new disinfection systems to make more contribution to the global disinfection industry and promote the development of the health industry!

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