Quick operation
Free product installation project
  • (1) On-site design;
  • (2) Transportation expenses in the urban area (within 20 kilometers);
  • (3) Connection design of product lines;
  • (4) Product commissioning fee after installation;
  • (5) Wall fixing of the product;
  • (6) Installation of product accessories and accessories purchased from service providers;
  • (7) Disassembly of product replacement;


(1) The above free items apply to:Sterilization monitor,Wall-mounted sterilization device,Scanning sterilization device,Air sterilization device,Portable sterilization device,Water sterilization device

(2) If an e-commerce company presents installation materials to users, they shall not charge users, and may provide materials to the sales department for verification and punishment.

(3) The installation and commissioning documents of the antivirus series products are attached documents to the installation order. There is no installation cost settlement. If the user needs to visit the door for a second time, the user can be charged a door-to-door fee of 30 yuan. The remote fee is based on the remote fee standard Receipt (including if the user does not purchase the materials by himself or if the materials are insufficient, the user has to come to the door for many times, the design of the door is required for not purchasing the machine, the user has a temporary incident that leads to the second visit, and the user's home installation environment does not meet the need for rectification and causes the second visit); It is a second door-to-door visit caused by failure to communicate with the user, and no door-to-door fee is charged to the user. )

Project Flow
  • 01

    Pre-engineering consultation (company qualification, strength, corporate culture, products and services)

  • 02

    The professional team conducts on-site exploration and determines the final design plan

  • 03

    Communicate to determine the final product

  • 04

    After receiving the purchase (or sample delivery) notice, delivery (installation) according to the time and place required by the customer

  • 05

    The commissioning of the machine is completed, and the project settlement sheet signed and sealed by all parties will be delivered after the acceptance

  • 06

    Provide perfect after-sales service

Every link has personnel to follow up, and there is a professional after-sales service team. At the same time, the company has an engineering sales department, a design department, and a pre-sales and after-sales department to better and quickly undertake engineering projects from all over the world.

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