Contract of Chip project with an investment of CNY 13.85 billion signed! New Semiconductor Industry developed in Huishan Economic Development Zone

 Date:2020-10-18 13:16:55

On the afternoon of October 17, 2020, the promotion conference of the third generation of new semiconductor industry in Wuxi Huishan Economic Development Zone was held in Aidi International Conference Center. At the conference, the contracts of a number of major projects represented by the Gulide Optical Semiconductor Industrial Park with a total investment of over CNY 10 billion were signed, and the "Two Cores and Three Clouds" integrated circuit innovation platform was launched. A total of 300 guests, including Zhou Changqing, Deputy Mayor of Wuxi Municipal Government; Xu Juyan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Honorary Director of the 58th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group; Wu Jianyuan, Secretary of Huishan District Party Committee; and Fang Li, Acting Head of Huishan District attended the conference.


Zhou Changqing introduced in his welcome speech that Wuxi had been fostering the development of the chip for integrated circuits, and had developed a complete industrial chain for more than 200 enterprises including Huahong Semiconductor, CR Micro and SK Hynix Semiconductor, which engaged in integrated circuit design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, equipment and materials, and many other fields. Mr. Zhou placed high hopes on the future development of the integrated circuit industry in Huishan Economic Development Zone.


At the conference, the contracts of six projects with a total investment of CNY 13.85 billion were signed, including the Goodun UV Chip project with a total investment of CNY 10 billion, the MooreElite "Two Cores and Three Clouds" innovative service platform project with a total investment of CNY 1.5 billion, and the advanced semiconductor packaging project with a total investment of CNY 1 billion. In the next five years, about a hundred integrated circuit enterprises will be established in Huishan Economic Development Zone, and the output value of integrated circuit industry in the Zone will reach CNY 50 billion.


Zhang Jingyang, Chairman and CEO of MooreElite, said that the "Two Cores and Three Clouds" innovative service platform integrated talents, design and manufacturing of the supply chain management, built a platform for the R&D of semiconductor industry chain and the integration of supply chain resources, improved the overall efficiency of chip R&D, shortened the R&D cycle and reduced costs and risks through the three business sectors of “Chip Design Cloud, Supply Chain Cloud and Talent Cloud”.


Jiang Wenxian, Chairman of Jiangsu Goodun Precision Optoelectronic Co., Ltd., said that through the Optical Semiconductor Science Park project with a total investment of CNY 10 billion, a “Goodun Optical Semiconductor Science Park" with a total investment of CNY 100 billion would be built for optical semiconductor industry and basic science industry, with the estimated sales of the first phase of the project exceeding CNY 7.5 billion.


Wu Jianyuan, Party secretary of Huishan District, issued letters of appointment to the expert consultants of the semiconductor industry consulting institution of Huishan Economic Development Zone. The Zone and Wuxi Semiconductor Industry Association will discuss matters concerning the development plan of integrated circuit industry, and take the opportunity of the promotion conference to build a “National Advanced Semiconductor Industrial Park" covering 1.5 square kilometers to attract the third generation of new semiconductor industry projects and related talents to gather in Huishan, and gradually improve the integrated circuit industry chain of Huishan Economic Development Zone.


During the one-month "Golden Autumn Investment Promotion Month", Huishan Economic Development Zone, with the theme of "integrating into the Yangtze River Delta, developing new economy and realizing great-leap-forward development”, will focus on five major industrial clusters of high-end equipment manufacturing industry cluster, intelligent manufacturing industry cluster, life science and technology industry cluster, new energy and new materials industry cluster and modern service industry cluster, and hold eight key theme activities, including summit forums, industry promotion conferences and centralized opening and completion ceremonies. Among the summit forums, the Yangtze River Delta Development Zone Summit Forum is an important platform for exploring the integration of development zones in the three provinces and one city. During this forum, Huishan Economic Development Zone will sign the contract of cooperation with major operating companies of Shanghai Lingang New Area to accelerate the development of Huishan Economic Development Zone into a key fulcrum of the collaborative innovation in the Yangtze River Delta and help Wuxi be at the head of the higher quality integration of the Yangtze River Delta.

Wuxi Radio and Television Huishan Convergence Media Center, Photo by: Ao Xiang