United Airlines uses UVC to clean the cockpit

 Date:2020-09-11 14:43:34

United Airlines is now using ultraviolet radiation (UVC) to clean pilot cockpits on most aircraft at its hub airports to disinfect the interior of the cockpit and provide pilots with a hygienic working environment. The airline is using Ultraviolet's handheld AUVCo device to kill any viruses that may reside on sensitive switches and touch screen displays in the cockpit.

The airline has tested the various uses of UVC as a disinfectant and consulted with the Cleveland Clinic's CleanPlus partners to determine the most effective application.

Bryan Quigley, senior vice president of flight operations at United Airlines, said: "Safety is our top priority. We will continue to research, test and introduce new technologies to ensure that our aircraft and terminal are safe for customers and crew. Safe.” “Many working parts, screens and components in the cockpit are difficult to clean with traditional towels and liquids, especially for those who are not pilots. UVC enables us to deal with the most important things of the aircraft faster and more efficiently. Disinfect one of the areas."

United Airlines currently uses electrostatic spray to disinfect the cabin, which is one of the most effective techniques for cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces, especially the space in the overhead luggage and folding dining table. United Airlines uses UVC disinfection in the cockpit and electrostatic spraying in the cabin, which further reflects the company's approach to matching the correct type of technology with the correct settings.

Dr. James Merlino, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer of the Cleveland Clinic, said: "Airlines use UVC sterilization in their cockpits is an important strategy because we know that viruses can be killed by ultraviolet light." "This is another thing we can take. Measures to ensure that we make every effort to make passengers, flight attendants and crew safer."