SAIC installs anti-virus air conditioners for taxi companies to boost healthy travel

 Date:2020-09-11 14:36:11

Under the current normalization of epidemic prevention, the safe travel of public transportation is particularly important. Today, the upgraded Roewe Ei5 taxi equipped with SAIC Roewe’s “active purification of health cabin” was successfully delivered to Volkswagen, Haibo, Johnson & Johnson, Jinjiang, and Jiuhang taxi companies. A total of 5,000 vehicles are expected to be delivered during the year.

As long as you press this button gently, the built-in air conditioning filter will automatically cut off the virus, which is actually equipped with the UVC deep ultraviolet optical antivirus system launched by SAIC in February this year. The sterilization rate of the whole car in 90 seconds exceeds 99%, killing germs at the entrance of the air conditioner. When killing, people do not need to get off the car, because it is absolutely safe. "Because the UV lamp is installed inside the air conditioner, it is in a confined space in the dark cabin, and the UV rays will not leak out." SAIC Passenger Car After-sales Service Department New Energy Taxi Security Group technical staff introduced.

Since 2018, Roewe Ei5 has entered the taxi market across the country one after another. Since it has been running smoothly for more than a year, it has been highly recognized by drivers and passengers. According to the driver's introduction at the event site, the daily cost of a Roewe Ei5 is only about 100 yuan per day for driving 400 kilometers a day and charging pile electricity price is 2 yuan/kWh. This time equipped with this killing weapon, it will make passengers travel safer.

It is understood that within this year, SAIC passenger cars will install this anti-virus system for 5,000 Roewe Ei5s that are in operation or will soon be put on the market. "According to the cost of about 500 yuan for a messaging system, this time we will invest about 2.5 million, all of which will be installed free of charge. On the one hand, it is from the perspective of social responsibility, and it is also to create peace of mind for passengers, peace of mind for taxi drivers, and taxi companies. A worry-free product.” Said the senior manager of the sales department of SAIC Passenger Vehicle Group.